401 N Main St. Suite 202 Fort Bragg, CA


About Us

Nestled on the Coast of Northern California, Tsunami's Glass Shop was established in 2018. Located at the Train Depot Mall in Fort Bragg, Ben 'Tsunami' Lukas is carrying on a decades old tradition of blowing glass live while also providing a retail and gallery experience. Formerly known as Macneils Glassworks and operated by a retired CHP officer by the name of Myron Macneil, families have been flocking to the shop since the late 1980's to watch glass creations come to life.

Ben 'Tsunami' Lukas has been blowing glass since 2004. By working side jobs in high school, Tsunami earned the funds to buy a bead making starter kit. It included a Nortel minor torch, a bead making book and a new way of viewing the world -- through glass.

Call 707-985-8125 to sign up for a glass class with Tsunami Lukas